Stuffed Jalapenos

Course Appetizer


  • 10 lg Pickled jalapenos
  • 10 each Cheddar cheese, pieces
  • 2 each Egg whites, beaten
  • 3 tablespoon Cornmeal
  • 3 tablespoon Flour
  • 1 Oil for deep-frying


  • Slit the sides of the peppers, and scrape out the seeds.
  • Stuff with triangular pieces of cheddar cheese cut to fit the individual peppers.
  • Dip peppers in an egg wash then into a mixture of half cornmeal and half flour.
  • Repeat, and allow to dry for about 15 minutes. 
  • Deep fry in hot oil until the peppers are lightly browned, and the cheese is just melting.
  • Drain on absorbent paper, and serve.
  • You can also use a crabmeat or shrimp salad stuffing for these.


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